Valley Fourth Grade Visits The Muster Grounds

A man in uniform is surrounded  by a group of students Valley Institute’s fourth-grade students were recently able to experience a trip to the Muster Grounds in Abingdon. While in attendance students were able to learn about the mustering of the Overmountain Men and their journey to the Battle of King’s Mountain during the Revolutionary War.  

Re-enactors of this event were dressed in colonial attire and taught students about life in the 1700s. They learned how to cook, spin flax into linen, wool into yarn, play several different colonial games.  In addition they learned how to speak to a cartographer, and enjoy colonial fiddle playing and juice harp music. Students also heard from a Cherokee Indian! They learned how to make gunpowder, how to use a bayonet, how to load and fire a musket and see a blacksmith at work. This was a great opportunity for students to gain a new perspective that connected them to their own heritage and Virginia’s history.

Contact Person: 
Angela Harman