Valley Institute Elementary School Fashion Show at Valley Institute

A group of students in costumes.Valley Institute’s school theme is “Going Green”.  Throughout the school year, students have been learning about recycling and ways to help our planet.  The March PTO meeting featured a “Flora and Fauna” fashion show highlighting plants and animals found in Virginia.

Fourth and fifth grade models and designers worked in teams for two months to create outfits inspired by fall and spring Dogwood, male and female Cardinal, Eastern Garter Snake, Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Coal, Foxhound, Striped Bass, Virginia Big-Eared Bat, Brook Trout, and Oyster.  They learned how to collaborate as a team, measure, and sew under the leadership of parent volunteer, Somer Keen. All the pieces in the show were created from reused items and recycled clothing.  If you would like to learn more about the fashion show and see pictures, check out the Wednesday, March 21st edition of the Washington County News or Monday, March 26th edition of the Bristol Herald Courier. This was an amazing experience for the students at Valley!

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Bethany Johnson