Valley Institute Elementary School | Jump for Your Heart!

Students standing by a poster.The month of February was filled with lots of jumping and learning about how to take the best care of our hearts for students at Valley Institute.  Students joined in on the Kids Heart Challenge through the American Heart Association.

This fundraiser benefits those fighting heart conditions like three year old Finn, who the students learned about. Together, Valley Institute students raised just under $2,600 in less than two weeks.  Not only did they raise money, they learned the value of giving and helping others. To support this program, students learned various ways to jump rope including partner and team jumps during the school day.  Jump rope competitions were held for time and many of the students were amazed at how much they had improved by the end of the two weeks.  Not only is jumping rope an inexpensive and fun way to increase your heart rate and help you stay healthy but also, something many of our students look forward to and want to continue to practice during physical education class.

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Janie Samuel