VIES Pre-K Students Have Received Class Pet Grants

A group of kids standing in front of a large fish tank.Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Drapers Pre-K class would like to thank a Pets in the Classroom grant for the $125.00 awarded to purchase our new 29 gallon aquarium.  All of the kids helped put it together and the parents were kind enough to send in donated items such as plants, decorations, and weekend feeders.

They have used this opportunity to not only welcome a new Pre-K pet family member, but to also learn what it takes to keep a pet safe and healthy in their habitat.

Mrs. Justus and Ms. Marshall’s Pre-K class was also recently awarded a Pets in the Classroom grant for a new fish tank.  Their two fish Mr. Bubbles; a fancy tail goldfish and Big Fish; an algae eater have a fabulous new 29 gallon tank complete with bubbling treasure, rocking pirate ship and lots of neat places to hide. Mrs. Justus, Ms. Marshall and the students invite everyone to stop by to take a look and encourage them to visit to apply for their own classroom grant.  It is quick and easy to fill out the application and you usually receive a responds within 2 weeks!  You can also apply for a $50 annual grant to purchase needed items for maintenance.

Contact Person: 
Kathryn Mitchell