Wallace Middle School | Eighth Graders Visit Reality

A group of students looking at a projection.On Monday, November 19, WMS eighth grade students were able to take a trip into the future with Career Exploration and the Reality Store with Virginia Cooperative Extension at the Higher Education Center.

Students were able to visit different sessions focusing on specific careers in Law Enforcement, Meat Products and Technology, Finance and Economics, and many more.  Students were able to meet with Human Resources representatives to understand the process of filling out an application and writing a resume. They also learned important interviewing skills.  After attending the Career Explore rotation, students were able to visit the “Reality Store” where each student had an assigned career and life situation (married, children, etc.).  Students were able to see what life would be like with a mortgage, a car payment, and other day to day bills.  Some students even had to obtain a second job to assist with monthly bills.  Students enjoyed their time learning about different careers and were better able to perceive how important education and career readiness is for their future.

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Amanda Patterson