Wallace Middle School | Sixth Graders Delve Deep into 9/11 with "Towers Falling" Novel Study

A group of students are working together to build a tower.In Mrs. Morris’ sixth grade language arts class at Wallace Middle School, students read the book, “Towers Falling” by Jewell Parker Rhodes. Students worked together to complete a novel study on the book. Deja, the main character in the novel, faced many real-world problems such as homelessness and hunger.

The students worked to discuss these problems and how they can help.  Students delved into the problems by completing projects and activities. The novel is based on the events of September 11, 2001, and how the “towers falling” affected Deja’s everyday life. One activity students completed was to look at the construction of the Twin Towers and how they were built. Students were able to become engineers and complete a STEM project about building a tower. Students did a great job at being “engineers for the day.” The tallest tower built was 22.5 inches!

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Ashton Morris