Wallace Middle School Students Map the Ocean

A male student is sitting at a desk working with coordinates.Students at Wallace Middle School are learning about positive and negative integers and how they apply to real life. By doing an exercise involving deep sea diving, students in Mrs. Carrigan’s sixth grade math class had to create a picture of the ocean using directions based on measurements above or below sea level.

Students were asked to create and label a vertical number line and plot pictures at designated locations. Students enjoyed drawing creatures such as sharks, octopi, and whales along with submarines, divers, ships, sunsets, and fishermen. The students learned that many number lines in real life are not necessarily the traditional, horizontal number lines, but vertical number lines such as thermometers, land elevation maps, and coordinate planes. They had to answer a list of critical thinking questions about the locations of their objects, their distance from each other, and their relation to other objects.

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Deborah Hughes