The Washington County Adult Skill Center has Skilled Pumpkins

A table displaying decorated pumpkinsEach of our six programs was charged with the responsibility to decorate a pumpkin according to their class curriculum. This was a fun fall project to test our talents and incorporate the students working together. 

Technical Difficulties from the Administrative Support Specialist program is a Minion with technical problems.  Brush your teeth after your sweets from our Dental Assisting program is a three layered ice cream cone.  Diesel Truck Technicians, the Stopper has brake lines coming out of his head. The Pumpkinator is an explosion of metal arts from our CNC/Conventional Machining program.  Quarantined Ken is an Ebola pumpkin gone wrong from our Medical Assisting program.  Jack O Welder is the future of robotic welding from our Industrial Combination Welding program. Our pumpkins will be on exhibit thru Halloween in the main hallway so catch the next available broomstick and fly on over. 

Contact Person: 
Tonia L. Roop