Washington County Career and Technical Education Center | Student-led Bullying Prevention Assembly

WCCTEC performers pose for picture on a stage.WCCTEC Student Leaders worked diligently for three weeks to put together a program that would influence the student body, in an effort to stop bullying in our school. These students were given the opportunity to collaborate, share personal stories, and structure PowerPoint presentations that included videos pertaining to bullying in schools and how it impacts a person.

Students educated students about the different types of bullying, the effects of bullying, how it can be prevented, school goals pertaining to bullying, and performed skits that displayed what bullying looks like and how to handle those situations the proper way. Encouraging words were placed in every seat of the auditorium, while educated on how saying something positive can not only help others but the school as a whole. The most moving part of the assemblies were the personal testimonies shared by students. The courage to stand before the student body and share a time in their life that was hard is remarkable. They closed the programs by holding up signs with first, words of harm, and then turning them into words of encouragement and love. They wanted to make the statement that all students "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Thank you to all student leaders that worked hard to make a difference in the WCCTEC school environment and for making a difference in someone's life.

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Mary Walker