Washington County Career & Technical Education Center | Carpentry Class Builds Lockers for John Battle High School

A group of five students are assembling lockersStudents in Mr. Gene Greer’s Carpentry class have been busy designing and crafting lockers for the John Battle High School Field House. Mr. Greer has trained his students on how to utilize advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology with the WCCTEC ShopBot with positional accuracy of +/- .002”.

The carpentry students take the design file created in VCarve software, upload it to ShopBot3 control software which runs the CNC machine, attain their X,Y and Z axis and begin the toolpath. After the pieces are cut to precision, the students then begin assembly. This student-lead, project-based learning process is illustrative of the valued, relevant work taking place at the WCCTEC.

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Mike Stewart