Watauga Elementary School | Fourth Grade Students Design T-Shirts

Student displays his t-shirt design.The students from Watauga Elementary in Mrs. Covington’s 4th grade classes designed t-shirts to showcase the five geographic regions of Virginia.

Fourth graders learn about their state’s history from various sources and had an opportunity to demonstrate their newfound knowledge of Virginia’s five geographic regions. Students worked in small groups of four or five to create an original t-shirt that would show tourists specific information about their region. They made sure to include their region’s main industries and major products in a colorful way. They shared ideas and sketches in order to come up with a design they would want to see on a shirt that could be on sale in a shop inside their chosen region. The students collaborated for three days to go from a paper sketch to a final product. They had so much fun in the process that the kids declared that this activity was more fun than recess!

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Samantha Null