Watauga Elementary School Preschool Visits Williams' Orchard

Students standing in front of apple tree.On October 5th, Watauga preschool students traveled to Williams' Orchard in Rural Retreat, Va.   Students enjoyed a wagon ride to the fields and were able to learn about the crops growing there.

While at the orchard, students learned about apples, pumpkins, gourds and corn.   Students were taught how to pick an apple by twisting it five times without hurting the tree. Next, everyone was able to venture into the corn field to look at different varieties of corn. For many, the best part of the trip was the pumpkin and gourd patch. Students were able to search for a pumpkin and gourd that was just right and pick it! Each child left the orchard with an apple, ear of corn, gourd, and pumpkin to take home! WES preschool would like to thank Williams' Orchard for providing our students with such a fun and educational experience.

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Elena White