Watauga Elementary School | Third Graders Discover History in the Arts

Girls in front of record albums mural.Third grade students from Watauga Elementary School recently went on an arts related field trip to the Bristol Birthplace of Country Music.

A documentary style video, hands on learning stations, banjo bingo, scavenger hunts, and a self-guided tour of the museum allowed students to learn about everything from “hillbilly” music’s lasting effect on our region, to the modernization of recording equipment. Some favorite activities (outside of the games of course) were the music mixing station, the dance floor, and the karaoke recording studio. Following the exploration of the museum, students went to the Bristol Public Library for a picnic style lunch. Library staff read entertaining children’s books to the students and helped them create a craft to take home as a souvenir. Everyone involved had a wonderful day!

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Robin Herndon