Watauga Elementary School | WES Celebrates Valentine's Day

Students smiling with their cardsIn honor of Valentine’s Day, Watauga Elementary cafeteria staff distributed Valentine’s Day cards to all students. The cards were designed by four Watauga students, two fifth grade students, one fourth grade student, and one
third grade student.

The cards were complete with a front design, inside message and design, and signature on the back. Stuart C., Martina F., Ciana C., and Annabelle T. were the artists selected by Mrs. Samantha Null, Watauga’s art teacher, to design a card to be distributed. The students enjoyed seeing a student drawn card and the cafeteria staff enjoyed showing their love for the students.

A special thank you goes to the students who designed the cards for Valentine’s Day, as well as, the incredible cafeteria staff and Miss Rose Stiltner for organizing this opportunity for our students! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Contact Person: 
Samantha Null