Watauga Elementary Second Graders Enjoy a Visit from Trooper J. B. Barlow

An officer standing in front of a group of children sitting a floor.As a culminating activity to the story, “Officer Buckle and Gloria”, second graders at Watauga Elementary recently received a surprise visit from State Trooper J. B. Barlow. Kim Barlow, a long-term substitute in second grade, knew students would enjoy a visit from her husband, a “real” police officer. After reading “Officer Buckle and Gloria” to the students, Trooper Barlow talked to the students about their perceptions of police officers.

Students agreed that officers are not someone to fear but are on the job to protect and serve. Safety tips for bicycle helmets, seat belts, and car seats were shared. Also, he explained the parts of his uniform and his training. Lastly, he entertained questions from the students and had his picture made with each class. Second grade is grateful that Trooper Barlow took time from his busy schedule to read and share his knowledge.

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Jordan Graham