Watauga ESL Classes Eat Up American Tall Tales

Students eating pancakes.ESL classes at Watauga Elementary have been cooking up fun as they read  American Tall Tales .  Students enjoyed reading about giant flapjacks in the story of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  

After identifying tall tale elements within the story, creating venn diagrams, and comparing the story with other tall tales such as Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill Rides a Tornado, the students mixed up a batch of yummy flapjack pancakes just like Paul Bunyan.  “Hey! Reading a recipe can help us cook,” Henry V. stated as he mixed up the batter.  Students had to read the recipe, identify the ingredients and tools needed, as well as give Mrs. Landeros oral directions to cook up the pancakes.   Students created a flapjack word list including recipe vocabulary they used to prepare a feast fit for an American tall tale hero.  “Maple syrup makes flapjacks taste amazing!” exclaimed John R.  The English as a Second Language students are looking forward to wrangling up some cowgirl cookies when they finish reading Annie Oakley this week.

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Michelle Cunningham