Watauga Students Are Problem Solving!

Students communicate before making a pyramidThird grade students at Watauga Elementary learned problem solving, communication, and teamwork through a fun activity. Students in Mrs. Herndon's class were challenged to build a pyramid of Solo cups using nothing more than a rubberband with one string of yarn per student attached.

The rules were simple, stack the cups in a pyramid using the rubberband "tool." Each student could only touch one string and, at no time, were students allowed to touch the cups with their hands or any other body part. After a series of well-intentioned attempts, the students quickly learned that while this activity appeared to be an easy one, it would take brainstorming ideas and using clear communication to be successful.  In the end, each team of students found a way to follow the rules and build the pyramid. The culminating activity was to share lessons learned.  The overall consensus was that some tasks in third grade are difficult,  but by working together, we can all achieve success, and that even if the process sometimes seems impossible, sharing ideas and working with friends can make any task fun.

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Michelle Cunningham