WCS Robotics Club begins at Greendale Elementary

Man standing in front of group of students standing around a large table with robot obstacle course. Projector and robot are in the foreground of the photo.3rd-5th graders at Greendale participated in our WCS Robotics Club on Monday, March 2, 2015. The students started the meeting playing with LEGOs. They were assigned a laptop and robot to move through an obstacle course. The students created a program to talk to the robot, downloaded the program to the robot, and then modified the program to move the robot in the desired direction. Thanks to many parents and volunteers, our students will enjoy learning more about robotics throughout the rest of the year. Our WCS Robotics Club is free and open to every 3rd-5th grade student at Greendale E.S. We will meet every Monday 3pm-4:30pm at GES. If you are available to volunteer to reach more students throughout WCS, contact Lisa Okes (276-739-3065). Training is provided.

The participants watched a video demonstrating the First LEGO League (FLL) program for those interested in the fall tournament.

Contact Person: 
Lisa Okes