WES Feeling Lucky in Music Class!

4 children standing while holding instruments.In celebration of St. Patrick's Day and Irish culture, students at Watauga Elementary School had a lesson in music class on the history of Ireland’s national symbol the Celtic Harp. Students learned about the origin of the Celtic Harp and how the early harpist played for the Kings Courts and were regarded as a sign of nobility.

Students also learned about the design of the harp and each parts purpose. Students have been working throughout the year on playing melodies on the guitar so they were already familiar with many string instruments timber and how sound is produced on string instruments. After reading about the history of the harp students created their own Celtic Harp crafts to understand the layout of the harp parts (neck, pillar, strings, and sound box).  This was the perfect opportunity to combine the students love of music and art together for a lesson in celebration of Youth Art Month!  Students enjoyed listening to musical excerpts of the harp as well as other traditional Irish music such as the penny whistle and bodrahn.

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Jordan Graham