WES Horsin’ Around in the Music Room!

Children gathered in a music room.Fifth grade students at Watauga Elementary School have been learning about “the father of American music” Stephen Collins Foster. Foster is one of the most popular composers from the 19th century composing many well know songs associated with the South such as “ Old Folks at Home”, “ Oh! Susanna”, and “My Old Kentucky Home”.

After learning the melody and lyrics to the song “ Camptown Races” students then performed the song on instruments such as the boom whackers, hand bells, and xylophones. Although the song was composed in 1850, students found it interesting that horse racing dated back to 4500 B.C. and started to evolve into a professional sport in England during 1702-1714. The students were great team players working effectively together as they “galloped” together to the songs finish line. 

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Jordan Graham