WES New Student Teacher

A man posing with children.For the past six weeks a student teacher, Mr. Andrew Griffith, has been part of Mr. Marcum’s fifth grade classroom. Mr. Griffith will soon be a graduate of Emory and Henry College. He is originally from Bristol, Tennessee. Mr. Griffith played outside linebacker for Emory and Henry’s football team.

Students from Mr. Marcum’s and Mrs. Neal’s classes have enjoyed lessons taught by Mr. Griffith. Both homerooms learned about the first five presidents by creating and displaying presidential articles, took place in a debate, competed against each other in a compare and contrast rotation game, and completed several other fun learning activities. Mr. Griffith’s next stop will be to work with Watauga’s kindergartners. All of fifth grade wishes Mr. Griffith the best and know that he will be a wonderful teacher for years to come.

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Jordan Graham