WES Science Tools Rule!

Two girls look at a balance.Fifth grade students at Watauga Elementary School have learned to use a variety of scientific tools during Mrs. Neal's science class. Students were in awe at the detail they observed in plant and animal slides using a microscope. Did you know that magnification of a dragon fly's wing shows cells in the shape of a pentagon?

Magnification of a silver berry scaly hair resembles fireworks exploding in the sky.  A pocket microscope allowed students to observe individual fibers of material on the bulletin board and individual fibers in the carpet.  Dr. Noe walked through the classroom during this activity and was invited to use the pocket microscope to observe individual fibers in materials.   Students also used a spring scale to measure the amount of force it takes to lift an object and a balance to measure the amount of mass an object has.  However, the station students seem to enjoy the most was using a graduated cylinder to measure the volume of different sized containers.  Could it be because they got to "play" in water...green water!  

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Jordan Graham