WMS Agriscience Classes Learn About Fluid Dynamics

Three boys standing with their project.Students in Mr. Hawkins seventh grade Agriscience class are engineering creative ways to transport water. Students must collaborate, plan, and create a method of moving water over a five foot void without loss of volume.

The first task is the most basic. Each group must pour the water in at point A and all of the water must exit point B. After successfully completing the first step, the level of difficulty increases. The group will pour the water in at point A, and the water must flow out at two different locations, B and C. The group must also get an equal volume of water to flow out of points B and C. If 20ml of water starts at A, 10mL of water must flow out of both B and C. 

This STEM project actively engages every student. Every group wants to be successful, and competition is high because students work to outperform other groups.

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Deborah Hughes