WMS Pizza Box Reports

Two girls and two boys stand while holding their projects. Students in Michele Sutton’s sixth grade class at Wallace Middle School recently completed a special biography project which they decided to share with their classmates.  The project was devised as a new approach to book reports.

Students used pizza boxes as the foundations for their biography collages.  This approach enticed both imaginations and creativity. The students were encouraged to visit the library and choose a biography or autobiography of a person they would most like to learn more about and then read their book. They were advised to take notes while they read and were asked to turn their notes into eight clues entitled, “Biography Clues.”

They were then asked to convert their clues into collages on a cardboard circle which were then placed into their pizza box. Students included self-made drawings, pictures, and 3D replicas. On the top of the decorated box, students included a picture of the person researched.  From their notes taken while reading, they were asked to write a first-person account of the person read. Their book reports were presented to their class and displayed in the sixth grade.

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Deborah Hughes