WMS Students Believe in the Trojan Creed

A group of students stand in front of their Keys to Success bulletin board.Student Advisory is an important part of the WMS curriculum.  During the first meeting of the school year the students met in groups with a faculty member to discuss the Wallace Middle School Trojan Creed.

Mrs. Johnson’s group broke the creed into seven points:  1- The Power of Learning, 2- Hard Work, 3- Honesty and Truthfulness, 4- Sound Body, 5- Obedience, 6- Compassion for Others, and 7- Democracy.  We discussed the importance of the creed and how each point helps us become better citizens and be more civic minded.  The students quickly realized the similarity to what they are learning in Civics.  For the culminating activity, the students applied the creed to their own lives and created an individual key to success.

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Deborah Hughes