PTA Connections Beyond Your Local Unit

Leadership Training Workshops

These are held on the council, district, and region level to provide information, materials and inspiration for those members who have accepted or are interested in accepting leadership roles on the state, region, district, council and local unit level. These conferences or workshops are open to all PTA members.

Legislation Meetings

District meetings are held in September to review the legislation program prior to local unit meetings where voting will take place. Legislation Program Tallies from local units should be submitted to District Directors by October 31. District meetings shall also be held in March or April to review the preliminary proposed program. Comments from the spring meeting may be sent directly to the State Legislation Committee Chairman or be taken by the District Director to the Spring Board of Managers meetings where voting will take place. A legislation/education conference will be held during the summer.

Annual Meetings

Each district shall hold an annual meeting in the spring. These meetings shall include adoption of budgets and may include report of nominating committee, elections, receipt of annual report, and other agenda items as needed. Each year Virginia PTA gathers at the General Assembly to be briefed on the status of bills that have an impact on our program. Attendees are encouraged to meet with their legislators to share the PTA positions and seek support for our program.

State Convention

This is the annual official business meeting of Virginia PTA at which delegates approve state bylaws, adopt resolutions, elect state officers (in odd-numbered years), and attend workshops on emerging issues.


National Convention

This is the business meeting of the National PTA at which delegates approve national bylaws, elect officers, and attend workshops on emerging issues.

Information regarding state and national conventions are mailed to every local unit president each winter.