Virginia PTA

As one of the 54 congresses of National PTA, the Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers was organized in 1921 and continues to be an important link in the PTA structure. Through this connecting link in the structure, each of the approximately 370,000 Virginia PTA members has the opportunity to help direct and formulate PTA efforts and direction. Any individual who becomes a member of a local unit automatically becomes a member of Virginia PTA and National PTA.

Virginia PTA is administered by a state president, a president-elect, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer, all of whom are elected for a two-year term of office. Business is transacted at the State Convention, the State Board of Managers meetings, and at State Executive Committee meetings. The state office, located in Richmond, is under the general supervision of the president and the Office Building Management Committee. An office administrator provides full-time supervision of the administrative staff that supports the PTA elected leadership. The Executive Committee, composed of the mentioned elected officers, the immediate past president, the district director representatives, and the standing committee chair representatives, performs duties between meetings of the Board of Managers. The Board of Managers is composed of the state officers, district directors, assistant district directors, and chairmen of standing committees and has authority over the affairs of Virginia PTA during the interim between annual conventions.

The four divisions of Virginia PTA are the local unit, council, district, and the region. Local units agree to abide by the objects and the basic policies of the state PTA. Each local unit must have bylaws approved by the state PTA. Councils are composed of three or more local units. They are formed for the purpose of conferences, training, and cooperation on matters of community interest. are geographic divisions of the state PTA established for convenience in administering PTA programs. Each district is lead by a district director who is the area's representative on the State Board of Managers. The state organization is divided into six regions.

Many services and training opportunities are available from the state PTA. A leadership training conference is offered each spring/summer to provide training, information, and knowledge to local unit leaders. Field Service Training teams are available upon request by the district director or state president to conduct leadership training locally on the district level or regionally. The function of these teams is to help strengthen local PTAs and councils by developing more effective leaders. PTA Day at the General Assembly is held annually while the Assembly is in session. PTA members from across the state come together to learn about the progress of the PTA legislation program and meet with their Senators and Delegates. The Legislation/ Education Conference is an annual event aimed at assisting local units to better understand the legislation process, their roll as a unit and as an individual member, developing and strengthen advocacy skills, and gaining insight into status of the educational objectives of the Virginia Department of Education.

Other services available are the official publications of Virginia PTA including the Virginia Bulletin, two email newsletters (VA PTA VOICE and CAPITOL NEWS), Legislation Action Alerts, and the Virginia PTA website. Additionally, Virginia PTA publishes materials on membership, health, parenting, and juvenile protection.