Virginia PTA State Office

  • Staff members are available to answer questions by telephone, mail, or email and can fill orders for Virginia PTA materials and supplies
  • Regular mailings are sent to the president of local units/councils who are responsible for distribution of the materials to the proper persons on the local unit or council board
  • As soon as elections have been held, the local unit/council officers' form should be sent to the state office to ensure that your local unit/council will receive a mailing in July which includes membership cards and in August which includes the Local Unit Resource Guide
  • Even if there is no change in officers, the completed form needs to be sent to the State Office immediately upon election of officers.
  • The State Office provides National PTA with local unit presidents' names and addresses, so that they will be on National PTA's mailing list for the National PTA Resource Guide and a subscription to Our Children - the National PTA magazine
  • State and National portions of the dues are to be submitted to the State Office

State Office Locations

  • Maintains:
    • Membership and financial records
    • Statistical reports
    • Library of audiovisual materials
    • Local unit, board and resource files
    • Mailing lists of local units and council presidents, Board of Managers, life members, principals, and superintendents
    • Current federal and state tax information
    • Information for local units and councils
  • Coordinates registration; prints and distributes materials for Virginia PTA's state convention
  • Serves as resource and support for the Board of Managers
  • Serves as liaison with National PTA to provide Virginia PTA with information

Phone Toll free number 1-866-4VAKIDS