Opportunities And Options

School Nutrition has both! Consider taking a part time job with your local cafeteria. Enjoy weekends, evenings, holidays, and summers off as well as inclement weather days off with your children. We host the best customers in town as well as a motivated, mature and caring staff. The work atmosphere is high energy, clean and teamwork oriented. Contact my office for details. Even if you cannot work a full week give us a call. We have substitute worker opportunities, which gives you the option of working when and where you want. Workers salary ranges from $9.85 per hour to $10.20 per hour and substitute wage starting at $8.00 per hour.

Please Apply online:

  • Go to:  www.wcs.k12.va.us
  • Click:  Employment
  • Click:  Job Application Manager at the bottom of the page Click:  Future Classified
  • In the upper right under apply now Click:  Apply for this position
  • Under I am a new applicant Click:  Create new account and apply and follow instructions.