Computers and Software

Classroom computers make up the majority of our approximately 5000 computer systems and consist mainly of Hewlett-Packard/Compaq personal computers. Each teacher is issued a notebook computer.  Dedicated and mobile labs are available in each school for testing and research.  We purchase 500+ new computers each year.  Our servers all run VMware virtualization software to allow us to run multiple services on the same hardware.

All of the libraries in the division provide card catalog access through web-based interfaces which allows the students and teachers to search for resources at home. Most of the schools use Companion Software's Alexandria for library services and one school uses Follett Software.

Many software titles for educational use that are installed in our schools. Software is also used in some lab environments that allow teachers to monitor and limit computer access to students.

All computers with network access are provided with Internet access and are offered a choice of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Office is installed on each system providing an up to date productivity package for letters, spreadsheets, and presentations, and database use. In addition, each PC is also equipped with anti-virus software.

Our Student Information System is based on the Pearson Education software package, PowerSchool. As more and more reports are needed by the state and federal governments, more information about students and their performance in school is needed to be managed. This software allows for the district to coordinate student ID numbers, schedule classes, track disciplinary actions, special needs of students, and much more. The information in this software is used to coordinate with other software packages that need access to vital student data.

Our cafeterias are powered by School-Link Technologies' WebSMARTT software which communicates with the central office to coordinate prices, ordering, and transactions across the division.