Transportation Department

Transportation Department

Several parked busesPupil transportation plays an important role in the educational process. Transporting children to and from school each day is a responsibility which requires good physical health, professionalism, and skill. The main objective of the pupil transportation system is to transport passengers to and from school and extra-curricular activities each day safely and efficient.

The Transportation Department consists of approximately 140 employees with 97 regular run bus drivers who pick up and drop off students along the roads of Washington County covering approximately 6,300 miles daily. The Bus Garage has four full time technicians and a radio dispatcher. In the Transportation Office, we have the Transportation Manager, Tom Williams, Transportation Secretary, Dawn Crosswhite, and Melinda Moore, who is responsible for working with the extra trip program.

*Changes will be in red*


Route# 49 Bus 36 Kevin Leonard


First Run will be elementary only consisting of Gate City Highway to Reedy Creek Road, expressing across Reedy Creek Road to drop off on Young Drive, Dishner Valley and Miller Hill Road, then across Gate City Hwy to Valley Institute Elementary.

Second Run will be elementary only starting at the intersection of Rich Valley Road and Lime Hill Road dropping off students across Lime Hill Road, bus will then express to Campground Road dropping off to the intersection of Campground Road and Benhams Road.  Bus will then continue across Campground Road, including offset of Slaughter Road to Rich Valley Road.


Route #20 Bus# 42 Tracy Johnson

Abingdon Elementary students only on Valley Street (from White's Mill Road to Russell Road) Court Street, Montview, Clark, Valley View Drive, Crestview Drive, Circle Drive, Stonewall Heights, Hillside Drive, Church Street and Oak Street, then Valley Street to Russell Road across Russell Road including the offsets of Leonard, Wiley Street Loop (Wiley, Page, Taylor and Wheeler Streets) and the offset of Ivy and Henry Streets then proceeding on to Abingdon Elementary School.

Route #31 Bus# 135 John Surber

High School Middle School starts on Rich Valley Road <700> at intersection of Rich Valley Road <700> and Smith Creek Road <614>, picking up high school and middle school, then along Jasper Creek <625>, and across Caney valley <616> to Smith Creek <614> up to Rich Valley Road <700> including Little Creek <616> and the offset Large Hollow <626>.  Bus then picks up on Mountain Spring Road <614> and along Rich Valley <700> to Providence Road <611> then across Providence Road <611> to Black Hollow Road <633>, then Black Hollow Road <633> to Porterfield Highway <Route #19>. Bus then proceeds to Abingdon High School and E. B. Stanley Middle School.

There will be no elementary run, this has been taken over by Route# 20 Bus# 42.


Afternoon Route:

First Run will start at Abingdon Elementary consisting of students who will be going to the Coomes Center and any students whose parents work at Abingdon High School and EB Stanley.

Second Run will run reverse of the morning High School Middle School route.

Route #62 Bus# 65 Alan Backus


First Run is high school and middle school only on Good Hope Road/Cornelius Drive, Heron Pointe Subdivision, and Keller Road.  Route will pick up on Boone Street from Main Street to intersection of Boone and Thompson Drive for elementary only (both AM and PM for Watauga Elementary).  Bus will then proceed to Abingdon High School and EB Stanley.  These student will continue to ride Route#17 Bus 122 in the afternoons.


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