2nd--3rd Grade
Internet Safety
  Lessons & Activities
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"Safely" Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Internet Safety Lessons & Activities
CyberSmart  Lessons
Lesson Ask a Librarian
Children learn that they can find useful information in the library
Lesson Good Manners Everywhere
Children learn that good manners are important every day as well as on the Internet.
Lesson Filling Out a Form - Ask First
Children learn that some websites are not as honest as they should be.
Lesson Finding Good Sites
Children learn to evaluate Web sites.
Lesson My Cyberspace Neighborhood
Children learn that the Internet can connect a lot of people.
Lesson Things for Sale
Children explore advertisements.
Lesson Using Keywords
Children learn to use keywords when searching for information on the Internet.
Lesson What's private
Children learn that they should get permission from parents before sharing information online.
Lesson What's the big idea?
Children learn about inventions.
Lesson Whose property is this
Children understand the importance of respecting other peoples property?
Internet Safety Informtion
Free program sponsored by the Department of Criminal Justice
Internet and Technology fun, safe and productive
On-line safety and help group
Workshop is an interactive, educational safety resource
Internet safety information
Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
FBI Parent Guide
Safety guide, parental tools, and reporting information

Parenting safety tips

Teens and parents learn how to use the Internet safely.

VA Department of Education Internet Safety Information
Internet Safety Guidelines    (pdf-60 pages) Internet Safety Curriculum Integration          (pdf--17 pages)

Washington County Public Schools Computer Information
Washington County Public Schools
Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Washington County Public Schools
Acceptable Computer Use Agreement



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