3rd-5th Grade
Curriculum Based
Technology Lesson Plans
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Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom

Lesson Plans and Resources
Acrostic Poem-Lesson-Interactive
Shape Poem-Lesson-Interactive Read-Write-Think
Word Maker-Lesson-Interactive Read-Write-Think

Comic Strip-Lesson-Interactive
Venn Diagram (2)-Lesson-Interactive Read-Write-Think
A Stapleless Book-Lesson-Interactive Read-Write-Think

What's in the Bag-Lesson -Interactive
Friendly Letter Generator-Lesson- Interactive -- Read-Write-Think

Gr. 1-3  Phonics - Keyboarding Lesson (LessonPlansPage)
Write letter using WORD

Gr. 3 Digital Autobiography Lesson (RoanokeCityPS)
PowerPoint, Digital Camera
Gr. 3  Internet Explorers Lesson
Internet Research
Gr. 3  Letter to Mr. Jefferson Lesson (RoanokeCityPS)
WORD, Write letters
Gr. 3 Measuring Greece Lesson (RoanokeCityPS)
Math, Google Earth, Social Studies
Gr. 3 New Zoo Lesson
(Best Practices)
Science, LA, Internet Research
Gr. 3-Matter-QUIA Matching

Gr. 3 Pigged Out Lesson (MarcoPolo-RoanokeCityPS)
Math, Spreadsheets
Gr. 3 Simple Machines Lesson (RoanokeCityPS)
Digital Camera, PowerPoint
Gr. 3 Tiles in a Bag Lesson
Software, Internet Research
Gr. 3-Soil-Quia-Matching

Gr. 3 Ocean Lesson

Science, Kidspiration, Research

Gr. 4-Famous Virginians-Civil War
QUIA-Matching, Word Search

Gr. 4  Famous Virginians
(25 Multiple Choice Quiz-IQ Poquoson)

Gr.4 -Virginians Crossword Puzzle

Gr. 4 Famous Virginians
QUIA Millionaire game

Gr. 4- VA Studies- Terms-QUIA

Gr.4-Terms to Know-QUIA

Gr.4-Native Americans-quiz-QUIA

Gr. 4-Jamestown & Powhatans-QUIA
Gr.4-Language Groups-QUIA
Gr.4-Early Explorers-QUIA

Gr. 4-Explorers-Jeopardy
Gr.4-Tobacco & Slavery-quiz-
QUIA activity
Gr.4-Colonial Virginians-
QUIA-Millionaire game
Gr.4-Revolutionary War-
QUIA Millionaire game
QUIA Millionaire game
Gr.4-Westward Movement-
QUIA-Matching game
Gr.4-Civil War-
QUIA Millionaire game
Gr.4-Jim Crow Laws-
Gr.4-20th Century VA-
QUIA Millionaire game
QUIA Millionaire game

Gr.4-Virginia People
QUIA Hangman game
Gr.4- Climate & American Indians
QUIA Millionaire game
Gr.4-Geographic Regions of Virginia-1- QUIA-popup

Gr.4-Regions of VA-2-QUIA-matching
Gr.4-Virginia History-QUIA-jeopardy

Gr.4-Virginia History-QUIA-matching
Gr.4-In the Know
QUIA Millionaire game
Gr.4-Virginia Portraits
QUIA Matching game
Gr.4-World of Words
QUIA Millionaire game
Gr.4-Products & Industries
QUIA Millionaire game
Gr.4-Virginia Trivia
QUIA jeopardy game
Gr. 4-Virginia Assemble- QUIA-Millionaire game 
Gr. 4-Tobacco & Slavery- QUIA-Millionaire game
Additional Resources
Sample-Technology Integration Lesson Plan -template-(Honaker) Cool Tools For Teachers- Internet Based --Internet 4 Classrooms
Thinkfinity-Technology Integration Plan
Microsoft Office 2007 - Quick Reference Microsoft PUBLISHER 2007 - Quick Reference Microsoft WORD 2007 - Quick Reference

Instant Poetry -Ineractive
Internet Template -- students create on-line poetry

Graphic Organizers
(Honaker WCPS)
Graphic organizers made using PowerPoint with writing ideas
Graphic Organizers
Free graphic organizers with several writing lessons
Use this site to update your students' PALs scores and get lesson ideas for PALs strategies
Graphic Organizers
Free graphic organizers from Houghton Mifflin
Shape-Book Templates
Free templates (lined and unlined) to use when writing
Internet Safety--Cyber Smart
Internet Safety
Privacy Playground: The first adventure of the three CyberPigs

Internet Safety

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