4th--5th Grade
Internet Safety
  Lessons & Activities
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"Safely" Integrating Technology into the Classroom

  Internet Safety Lessons & Activities
CyberSmart Lessons
Lesson A Place to Advertise
Children explore online advertisements.
Lesson Be Comfortable
Children discuss what they should do when they do not feel comfortable while online.
Lesson Choosing a Search Site
Children learn to select appropriate search sites.
Lesson Citizens of CyberSpace
Children learn that the Internet will allow them to share ideas with people from everywhere.
Lesson Cyberspace Country
Children learn that cyberspace is a real world.
Lesson E-mailing for Homework Help
Children learn the Internet may take a little longer to get help with homework.
Lesson Good E-mail Manners
Children learn E-mail dos and donts.
Lesson Great Communicators
Children discuss communication inventions.
Lesson Group Think---NEW
Children learn that sometimes youths in groups think and behave differently than they would if each person was alone. They examine the role of the bystander in cyberbullying situations and develop an ethical pledge for bystanders.
Lesson Handling E-mail and IM too
Children explore e-mail and instant messaging.
Lesson Homework Help in a Hurry
Children learn how to find homework help online.
Lesson Imagining the Future
Children discuss technology advances in the future.
Lesson Powerful Passwords  ---   NEW
Children learn the benefits of using passwords and then play a board game to discover some strategies for creating and keeping secure passwords.
Lesson Power of Words  ---   NEW
Children learn that while they are enjoying their favorite Web sites, they may encounter messages from other children that can make them feel angry, hurt, sad, or fearful. They explore ways to handle cyberbullying, learn some basic prevention rules, and propose actions to take to calm down when online language makes them angry.
Lesson Privacy Rules
Children learn the importance of private information while on the Internet.
Lesson Private Information
Children learn to make and keep safety rules while on the Internet.
Lesson Rating Web Sites
Children learn that not all Internet web sites are good sources of information.
Lesson Safe Talking in Cyberspace
Children understand the importance of protecting their private identity.
Lesson Speak Out
Children learn that the Internet can be a vast source of communication.
Lesson Understand Your Acceptable Use Policy
Children discuss their schools acceptable computer use policy (ACUP).
Lesson What is a network
Children learn that the Internet is made up of computer networks.
Lesson What's at the Library
Children learn that the library is a good place to do research and find information.
Lesson Whose is it anyway
Children learn about copyright and copying other peoples work is unethical.

Internet Safety Information
Free program sponsored by the Department of Criminal Justice
Internet and Technology fun, safe and productive
On-line safety and help group
Workshop is an interactive, educational safety resource
Internet safety information
Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
FBI Parent Guide
Safety guide, parental tools, and reporting information

Parenting safety tips

Teens and parents learn how to use the Internet safely.

VA Department of Education Internet Safety Information
Internet Safety Guidelines    (pdf-60 pages)  
Internet Safety Curriculum Integration          (pdf--17 pages)

Washington County Public Schools Computer Information
Washington County Public Schools
Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Washington County Public Schools
Acceptable Computer Use Agreement

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