Judy Honaker

Instructional Technology Teacher

Abingdon High School
705 Thompson Drive
Abingdon, Va. 24210
Greendale Elementary School
13092 McGuffie Road
Abingdon, VA. 24210
Phone: 276-739-3500

Web: http://ges.wcs.k12.va.us
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K-5 Technology Activities to Reinforce Standards of Learning

Language Arts Activities Math Activities Web Quests

Computer Games & Activities


American Girl

& Play


Play with a virtual pet

The Kidz Page. com

 Children’s Learning Games
The Kids Page.com

Click on the Puzzle icon

Build A Snowman Web Site

Students practice mouse skills

Disney 0nline


ABC Activities

Disney 0nline

Mouse House Jr.

Disney 0nline


Make Music with
Rolie Polie Olie

The Literacy Center - A great site for preK to first grade.

Students learn letters, numbers, colors, & shapes using keyboard.

Sesame Street


Sesame Street

Greetings from Grover

Learn about far away places

Sesame Street

Game Room

Zoe's Dance Moves

Sesame Street

Cooking with Rosita

Help Cookie Monster

Order Food in Spanish

Sesame Street

  The Close-Up Game

Sesame Street

Bumper Cars

Sesame Street


Bear in the Big Blue House


Puzzle comes to life!

Telly's Crayons

Learn Shapes & Colors

Sesame Street Music

Musical Places

Bert's Bottlecaps

Sorting Shapes & Colors

Oscar's Trash Collection

Sorting Colors

The Laundry Game

PBS Online


Arthur Games

Play Virtual Goose

PBS Online

Between the Lions

Play “Word” games

PBS Online

Barney Games

Learn Colors & Shapes

PBS Online


Puzzles with Backgrounds

PBS Online


Clifford Stories



Educational Children’s Games


Colors & Shapes

PBS Online


Jay Jay

PBS Online

Sagwa Games

Shape Match-1

Shape Match-2

Find the Shape

Paint the Shapes

Hidden Shapes

Cookie Monster Sort

Arthur Goes to School

Make a Monster

Astronomy Shape Match


Sorting by Size Activity

Put it on the Shelf

Big Bird Goes Camping

Give the students a head start. Activities are taken from student textbooks
--Houghton Mifflin--1st grade

Click here to go to Noggin

and Read “Little Red Riding Hood”

Etch-A-Sketch practice your drawing skills

Break Out

Pick a Duck

Your Amazing Body Parts

Zoe's Silly Seasons

Mix Match

Making Faces

Let's Make Breakfast and You can also  "make a monster!"

Walk the Dogs

Painting With Elmo

Dress the Teddy


Hidden Numbers

Language Arts Links

Alphabet Match

Alphabet Game


Alphabet Garden Activity

Alphabet Letter Match

Alphabet Word Match

Alphabet Action

ABC Ordering

ABC Order

Alphabet Zoo

Concentration Game
Audio & Color

Match beginning sound

Beginning Phonics

Match Letters to Pictures

Blending words together

Sounding out Words

Picture/Word Match

SeeNSpell- Short Vowels

Second Game - vowels and consonants.

Rhyming Words

Phoneme Match


Match the Letters


Sequencing Sentences

Color Bop

Coloring Online

Mister Elephant's Memory


Count Your Chickens

Rapid Naming

Math Games & Activities

 Can You Follow Directions?

Listen and Follow Directions

Spatial Concepts

What number comes next

 Fishing for Numbers - from FunSchool -

Count to 100 by 10's

Number Matching

Bees and Honey  

Counting on a Cloud

Count the Ants

What's My Number?  

How Many -1-10

How Many - 1-20

Match Game

Match Game

Connect the Dots

Count the Dots

Counting Up

Counting Down

Order the Numbers  

 Fractions 1

Fractions 2

Match Number word with Numeral - 0-25

QUIA activity

Match Numeral to Number Word - 0-10

QUIA activity

 Numeral recognition


Name that Numeral

Number Machine

Identify pennies and dimes

Learning about coins

Addition 1

Farm Addition


Telling Time to the Half Hour

Time Quiz

Identifying Time to the Hour

Telling Time 

Frog Jump



More, Less, or the Same

Who Has More?

Do they have the Same?

Subtraction Problems

Missing Numbers

Octopus Game

Alfy Story

Animal Sounds

Paw Park

The Ball


Count the Kids

Kelly Club from Barbie.com

Creature Creator

Connect the Dots

Feed the Animals

Little People

Feelings Game


Keyboard Music

Make a World

Alfy Lemonade Stand

Make a Face

Julia's Playroom

Seasons with Bing and Bong

Mouse Concentration Game



Seussville Concentration Game




  K-2 Web Quests
Web Quests were made by other people, so the Internet address may change.  Please let me know if they do not work.
Designing Hermit's New Home

Arthur's Tooth

Animal Hide and Seek

An Insect's Perspective

Oceanography ABC Books

Meeting in the Mitten

In Search of Stellaluna's Family

Family of Nations

Shocking Sharks!

Splash into an Aquarium

The Pilgrim Life Adventure

Trekking the Tidepool

Exploring Simple Machines--(2nd) Farmer Brown's Backwards Farm (K-2) Life Cycle--Great for 2nd grade Amazing Americans: American Revolution
A Quest for Zoo Animals-(1st) Discovering Bats!--(2nd) 2nd Grade Penguin Research Weather Watchers --(2nd)
Paper or Plastic--(2nd) To Hunt or Not to Hunt-(2nd) The World of Puppets   What's Bugging You in Second Grade?
A Hippo for a Pet--(1st) The Dr. Seuss WebQuest Just Winging It (K-2) Weather--(K)
Frog Finds His Family-(K) Manatee --(K-1) Pilgrim Fun!--(1)
Spider WebQuest (K)
Splash into Aquarium--(K) Five Senses (K-1) Five Senses (K-1) Dinosaur Webquest--(2)
Rocks --(2) Aesop's Fables--(2) Fly Away!  Second Grade! Kindergarten Brings Lost Animals Home!
Bear Hunt--(K-2)

The Ocean's in Trouble --(2nd) The Coloring Book--(K) Creatures of the Deep--(K-2)
African Animals

All About Me

Ancient Egypt Web Quest

DIA: Ancient Egypt: Educational Programs

The Construction of the Pyramids Egypt - Guardian's Egypt - Main Gate The Animals are Lost! Animals and Me
Apples! Apples!

Be a Web Site Sleuth

Betz's Pet Shop




 Butterflies-4--1st grade

Christmas Traditions

Cinco de Mayo

Coloring Book

Continents of the World

Critter ABCs

Fire Safety

Farm Animals

Dino-Mite Dinosaurs


Fish Features

Five Senses

Fruits and Vegetables WebQuest

Grouchy Ladybug

In Search of Stellaluna's Family



An Insect's Perspective

Investigating Eggs--Kindergarten Jumping into Frogs and Toads

First Grade Keypals
Lead A Summer Safari--for 1st & 2nd

Let's Get Growing

Let's Go on a Bear Hunt


Metamorphosis - Life Cycle of the Butterfly
--for 2nd grade

The Mitten: a WebQuest for the K-Team

Ocean Animals

Oceans of the World

On the Farm

New Pet Webquest

Pets for Your Home

Weather WebQuest

Penguins Penguins are Cool! Perfectly Penguins (K)

Perfectly Penguins (K)

The Pilgrim Life Adventure

The Plant Process--for 2nd grade

The Pumpkin Patch

Plants--Ready, Set, Grow.

Shocking Sharks Please Help Our Ocean Animals! A WebQuest ----For First Grade Poetry Break Shapes and Color
Rainforest WebQuest Quest for Respect with the Grouchy Ladybug Shipwreck Island Adventure! Ronald McNair

United States Symbols

Snowmen WebQuest

Whooo's There?--Owls

  3-5 Web Quests

Creating Music--****(K-5)

Be a Good Citizen 
with Miss Rumphius  *****

Regions --VA. History 

Regions of the United States

America the Beautiful --(3-5)****

Ancient Mali--****Scavenger Hunt

Tour USA--(4th)-****

Planet WebQuest --(3)--****

Southwestern Native Americans--(3)

Native American Stories (2-4)

The Color of Money (5th)


Savannah Safari--(3-5)

In the Eye of the Storm

Changing Seasons--(3)

Be a Forest Animal Web Detective--(K-3)

Big Wide World Webquest (k-4)

A B C....Is This The Job For Me? (5)

Is Earth the Only Planet? --(3-4)

The Moon's Many Faces--(3-4)

Planets or Not Here We Come--(3-4)

Ancient Egypt WebQuest

Author Cards

Desert Quest

Dinosaur Dig WebQuest

Does the Tiger Eat Its Cubs?

Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Fifty States

A Forest Forever

Georgia - State Symbols

Human Body WebQuest

Jackie Robinson WebQuest

Life Cycle


New Year Celebrations Around the World

Poetry WebQuest

Shocking Sharks-(2-5)

The Sign of the Beaver

Simple Machines

Take Me Out to the Ball Game-(4)

The States that Border Georgia

Thomas A. Edison WebQuest

Ultimate Money WebQuest



The Wonderful World of Color

Gila Monsters: Dragons or Dinosaurs (3)

Tornadoes, Tornadoes All Around (3)

All about Me

Animal Adaptations

America the Beautiful

Animals and Me


Art Reflects Life

Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas

American Revolution

Kid's Web Japan

Ancient Egypt

Diggin' the Past


Baseball Primer: Classroom Hall of




Budding Builders

Ancient Mali Webquest



Butterfly Web Quest



Liberty's Kids

Creating a Colony in the New World

Passport to Colonial Times

Explorer WebQuest

Circle of Life

Visit the Planets

Dem Bones Dem Bones

DNA From the Beginning

Character Counts. 


Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella

California Gold Rush

City Life or Desert Life

Children's Literature

Civil War





Coyote the Trickster

Creatures of the Deep

Creepy Crawlies

Community Scavenger Hunt

Cloud Quest

Genetic Engineering


Designing Hermit's New Home

Dino-Mite Dinosaurs



Discovering Places and Regions in the USA

The Deep




Dream Vacation

Frogs and Toads

Early Ocean Explorers


Farmers, Farmers Everywhere

Flyin' High


Exploring Explorers

Follow in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark

Adventure Into the Unknown -Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark: National Geographic

Pioneer Life

It's Greek to Me!

Have a Heart

The Human Body


Vertebrate Village (5)

I'm Special Too!--Instruments in an Orchestra

Island Mystery

I've Been Working in the Neighborhood

Journey to Colonial Times


Island of the Blue Dolphin


Andrew Jackson

Just Winging It!


Go West Go West, Young Men

A Nation Divided

Women During the Civil War

Civil War Cemetery

Family of Nations

The Ancient Ones - Native Americans

Native Americans

Hooray for Heroes!

Gray Whales


Let's Go on a Bear Hunt

Greek Gods: Who Are They?

Back to the Age of Exploration

History - Who's Story is it Anyway?

The Ancient Ones

Native Americans

The New Zoo

Butterfly Cam

Shocking Sharks

BatQuest: In Search of Stella Luna




Manifest Destiny or Bust!

Mozart Connection


America Responds: World at Peace

Monument on the Mall

Shh! We're Writing the Constitution

Immigration WebQuest

My Day as an Insect

New England States

The Ocean's in Trouble!

A Native American Story

Oceans of the World

Ocean Zones

Ocean Quest


Plant Sleuth


Perfectly Penguins

Popping over Corn

Meeting the Mitten

Who Needs a Fairy Godmother Anyway?

Country Mouse Comes to Tea: Exploring Real and Fanciful Animals -

Exploring the Continents

America's Story

Federal Holidays WebQuest

The Snow Museum

Whatever the Weather




On the Farm


San Diego, America's Finest City

In Search of Stella Luna

Swimmy and the Deep Blue Sea


Shocking Sharks!

Splash into an Aquarium

Southwestern Native Americans

Today's Students, Tomorrow's Leaders

Take the Plunge: Aquariums

Take the Rip out of the Current

Tales around the World

What's Bugging You?


Designing Hermit's New Home

Choosing a Classroom Pet

Unsung Heroes and Heroines

Sounds of the Animals

United States Flag

U.S. History Timeline

They Led the Way

Very Bad Horrible No Good Day

VA Focus 



Wow It's A Cow



What's Your Impression?

What State?

Weather and Temperature

Water Water Everywhere

Web Quest on Plants

Writers Workshop

You're in the News!

Walls That Talk -cultures

Your Neighborhood

Water Cycle.






Endangered Species






Human Body








Native Americans




Rocks and Minerals



Rain Forest

Simple Machines

Solar System 




The United States




Westward Expansion


The World Wars 


The World

Goals 2000 WebQuest Workshop Links

Goals 2000 "Inquiry" WebQuests

Reference Sites for Teachers

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