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Virginia Alternative Assessment Program--PowerPoint Presentation
Sample Activities
5th Grade U.S. History Quiz --USI.3a &4c
More Social Studies Quia activities

On-Line Activities

On this page you will find links to quizzes and games based on the Social Studies SOLs of Virginia.

Third Grade

Continents and Oceans
matching, concentration, word search
Equator, Prime Meridian & Hemispheres
millionaire game
U.S. Geography Pop-Ups
Continents and Oceans Hangman
Virginia and Map Skills
millionaire game
matching, concentration, flash cards
millionaire game
millionaire game
China & Egypt Quiz
column match
Eastern Woodland Indians
cloze activity
Native Americans List
Sioux Indians
cloze activity
American Indians
Pueblo Indians
cloze activity
American Holidays
Columbus and Ponce de Leon
cloze activity
Newport Settles Jamestown
cloze activity
Jaques Cartier
cloze activity
Explorers Quiz
Economic Terms Quiz
Ancient Greece
millionaire game
Ancient Architecture
Ancient Civilizations

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Jeopardy Home Edition

Early Virginia History
(fill in the blanks)

Virginia Geography

From Arrival to Revolution

  4th Grade Science Review PowerPoints
  4th Grade Social Studies Review PowerPoints
European Explorers (4 & 5)
battleship game
U.S. History Colonial Challenge (4 & 5)
millionaire game
matching, concentration, flashcards

VS 2 VS 3 VS 4 VS 5 VS 6
Virginia Regions & Border States
England Wants a Colony
Tobacco & Slavery
millionaire game
England & the Virginia Colony Disagree
Washington & Madison
Border States & Regions
millionaire game
The Charters & Jamestown
Cultural Landscapes
Jefferson & The Declaration of Independence
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Virginia Rivers
millionaire game
The Virginia Assembly
Immigration, Tobacco & Slavery
Virginia & Revolution
millionaire game
Statute for Religious Freedom
The Virginia Assemble
millionaire game
The Capitol Moves
Revolutionary War
Virginians Move South & West
Regions, Border States & Rivers Quiz
Women & Africans
Barter & Credit
Big Best Matching Game
Indian Language Groups
Jamestown & The Powhatans
column match
Barter & Credit
Native Americans and their Environment
The Jamestown Settlement
Native Americans Use The Land
Jamestown's Location & the Charters


Native Americans Quiz
1620 - Women & Africans Arrive



Regions and Native Americans Quiz
Tobacco & Slavery Quiz


Representative Democracy in Jamestown

Government in the New World VS .3b,c,d,e

VS 7
VS 8
VS 9
VS 10
The Nation Divided
millionaire game
20th Century Virginia
millionaire game
The Government of Virginia
millionaire game
Major Civil War Battles
Jim Crow Laws
Desegregation& Massive Resistance
Products & Industries of Virginia Regions
Colonial Timeline
Virginia Grows After Reconstruction
Walker, Byrd, Ashe, Wilder
millionaire game
Government & Industry

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Jeopardy Games

Fifth Grade Geography
US 1.2 a,b,c
Native American Groups in the United States
Explorers and Early Colonies  US 1.4a,b 1.5a
Early Settlements US 1.5a,b,c
The American Revolution (Quiz)
Continental Hangman US.1.2a
Native American Tribes

European Explorers
Early Colonies in North America
England Tightens Control Over Trade
Geographic Regions US1.2b
(match-up & concentration)

Native American Tribes

Early Explorers
U.S. History Continental Challenge
John Locke & Thomas Jefferson
The Continents US1.2a
(ordering activity)

John Cabot
Early Colonies
England Wants More Control
Continental Match-up
US 1.2a

Champlain and LaSalle
Geography and Early Settlements
Revolutionary War Match-up
Geographic Regions US1.2b (millionaire game)
Coronado and the Spanish Explorers
New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern Colonies
Revolutionary War Concentration
Geography US1.2b
(list activity)

Ghana, Mali & Songhai
Thirteen Colonies
Revolutionary War Flash Cards
Test your World Geography 1.2a

The Constitution & Separation of Powers
(mini quiz)

Westward Expansion (Q&A)
Issues Divide the Nation
U.S. State Capitals
The Constitution
(millionaire game)

(millionaire game)

Choose the States
(column match)

Practice Facts About Virginia
The First Five Presidents
(column match)

Civil War Flashcards
The First Five Presidents
(list activity)

Civil War Match-up
Portaportal Social Studies Resources Maps from Enchanted Learning Released SOL Tests from Texas

Geography Games Outline maps from Enchanted learning Virginia Places

U. S. History Maps

Curriculum Framework
3rd grade History Curriculum Framework Virginia Studies Curriculum Framework 5th grade History Curriculum Framework 6th grade History Curriculum Framework

Civics & Economics Curriculum Framework Geography Curriculum Framework

Enhanced Scope and Sequence
3rd-grade Enhanced Scope & Sequence (151 pages) Virginia Studies Enhanced Scope & Sequence (117 pages) 5th grade Enhanced Scope & Sequence (131 pages) 6th grade Enhanced Scope & Sequence (165 pages)

Civics & Economics Enhanced Scope & Sequence (269 pages) World Geography Enhanced Scope & Sequence (242 pages)

VAAP -- VGLA -- VSEP Resources

Virginia Alternative Assessment Program--PowerPoint Presentation
(Examples and Explanations from VA. Department of Education)

Affidavit of Student Performance Alternate Assessment Defined Aligned Standards of Learning Blueprint for Grade 4 History Blueprint for Virginia Studies SOL

Spreadsheet for Content & SOL Accommodations 
VAAP Handout VGLA Questions & Answers VGLA Directions

VAAP Manual -- 220 pages VGLA Manual  -- 31 pages VGLA Handout

VGLA Organizer K-3rd grade

VGLA Organizer 3rd grade Reading VGLA Tracking Form--3rd grade Reading

VGLA Tracking Form--3rd grade History

VGLA Organizer 3rd grade Math VGLA Tracking Form--3rd grade Math

VGLA Organizer 3rd grade Science

VGLA Organizer  4th grade Reading VGLA Tracking Form--4th grade Reading

VGLA Organizer 4th grade Math VGLA Tracking Form--4th grade Math

VGLA Organizer Virginia Studies VGLA Tracking Form VA. Studies VGLA Worksheet for VA Studies

VGLA Organizer 5th grade Reading VGLA Tracking Form--5th grade Reading

VGLA Organizer 5th grade History VGLA Tracking Form--5th grade History VGLA Worksheet for 5th grade History

VGLA Organizer 5th grade Math VGLA Tracking Form--5th grade Math

VGLA Organizer 5th grade Science VGLA Tracking Form--5th grade Science

VGLA Organizer 5th grade Writing VGLA Tracking Form--5th grade Writing

VGLA Score Sheets--ALL

SnagIT Installation
(Free 30-day download-includes full features)
PowerPoint Tips
Internet 4 Classrooms-Tutorials-Free Resources-Templates
SnagIT handout PowerPoint Resources

SnagIT Paint Tools

More PPT Resources

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