Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Curriculum Based
Technology Lesson Plans
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Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom

Lesson Plans and Resources

Language Arts
Kg-2-Teaching Sight Words -Presentation
Kg-5-Making Alphabet Books
Virginia Education Media Conference
Dolch Words - 1 -QUIA-matching

Dolch Words - 2 -QUIA-matching
1st Gr. A Letter to Amy- sequence-

1st Gr. -Sequence-rubric
Alphabet Book Lesson
(Best Practices)
Alphabet, Clipart, WORD

Classroom Alphabet Book
Best Practices

1st Gr.- In the Attic- Story Setting Lesson (revise-use new graphic organizer templates-not Inspiration)
ABC Order First Grade
Quia - Rags to Riches
Action Verbs - K-2  Lesson Plan Alphabet Rainbow Lesson (LessonPlansPage)
Alphabet, Font Colors- using Excel
Animal Research- Gr 1
Lesson Plan
Rubric (Student)
Rubric (Librarian/Teacher)

Animal Research- Gr 1
Animal Choice Sheet
Table Group Labels
Information Gathering Sheet

Animal Research- Gr 1
Pages for Booklet
Cover Page
Citing Sources Sample
Gr. 2-Antonyms  (QUIA activity- matching) Beatrix Potter Lesson Plan   K-1 Beginning Sounds Review Unit -  K-1

Gr. 2 Complete Sentences
Unit Lesson Plan --KentSD
Building a Complete Sentence -Gr.2

Complete Sentences-1 -template
Complete Sentences-2 -template Complete Sentences-3 -template
Complete Sentences-4 -template Complete Paragraph-1 -template Complete Paragraph-2 -template
Aliens-Astronauts-Plural-template Aliens-Astronauts-Singular-template
Fairy Tales-Plural-template
Family-Friends-Singular-template Fairy Tales-Singular-template
Rainforest-Singular-template Predicate-Template
Silly Sentence-template
Thinking Map-Graphic Organizer for-Complete Sentences-template
Punctuation-Template Subject-Verb-template

Gr.2- Business-Lesson

Gr. 2 Cinderella Around the World-Lesson
**Corduroy Lesson Plan ***

Gr.2-Community-Lesson Describing Words Unit-Gr 1 Contractions--
QUIA matching
Digital Camera Lesson
Digital Camera, WORD
Dog Lesson Plan Do You Have Time for a Rhyme?

Gr.2-Fairy Tales-Lesson

1st Gr. - Families -Lesson
(revise- technology too difficult for 1st grade)

1st Gr. - Families -Holiday Webquest

1st Gr. - Families -Comparing Holidays

1st Gr. - Families - PowerPoint Template

1st Gr. -Families - Planning Sheet

1st Gr. - Families  -Self Evaluation

1st Gr. - Families - Group Assessement

1st Gr. - Families- Winter Celebrations Webquest

1st Gr. -Families - World Religions Map
Flip Book

Graphic Organizers
Free graphic organizers from Houghton Mifflin
Kg-Foods-Lesson -KentSD

Kg-Foods-Then&Now- presentation -KSD
Kg-Foods-Then&Now- presentation -KSD
Gr.2-Greeting Cards-Lesson

QUIA-Challenge Board
How are Stories Organized?: Sequencing -- Kg-Lesson
Homonyms concentration game
Quia activity
Instant Poetry -Interactive
Internet Template -- students create on-line poetry

First Grade Jeopardy
Quia-Challenge Board
Keyboard Buddies in My Community
(Best Practices)-LP

Literacy Center
Practice ABCs, Colors, Keyboarding, Shapes
Miss Muppet Lesson
(Best Practices)
PowerPoint, Language Arts
Gr.2-Pattern Book-Lesson

Stapleless Book

Parts of Speech-Quia-matching
Gr. 2- Peer Editing-Template
Phonics - Keyboarding Lesson (LessonPlansPage)
Write letter using WORD
Gr. 2-Penguin-Crayola Lesson

Penguin Lesson from Sea World
Gr. 2 -Poetry-Lesson
Plurals --QUIA Challenge Board
1st Gr. - Sequence -Lesson Sleeping Gypsy - PK-KG
Lesson Plan
Shape-Book Templates
Free templates (lined and unlined) to use when writing

Social Skills and Friendship Unit - Gr 1-3
Spelling "Dragon Gets By" -Quia-matching
Spelling -" Julius"
Spelling "Mrs. Brown Went to Town"
Spelling -Firehouse Vocabulary
Spelling -ai,ay
Spelling - ea,ee
Spelling-Consonant Clusters
Spelling-Base words and -ed, -ing endings
Spelling-Inflectional Endings (s, ed, and ing) -Quia-popups
Spelling-Match the Synonyms (Games for 2nd Grade +) --Quia

Spelling-Match the Antonyms! (Games for 2nd Grade +) -QUIA
Spelling-Singular and Plural Nouns-QUIA
Spelling-Contractions -Quia-matching
Spelling--ut, -un, -ug, -en, -an Word Families
Quia-Challenge Board
Synonyms (QUIA activity-gr 2)
Story Comparisons - Gr 2 Spelling-Prefix Pleasers

Theme Stories - Gr 2 Gr.2-Then-Now-Storyboard-Template

Gr.2-Then-Now- -Template


Three Little Pigs - Gr 1
Titanic Unit - Gr 2

Titanic Rubric

Word Project Handout-1
Story Starter lesson using WORD
Young Writers Workshop
Printable Story Starters
Web Resources Gallery
Resources by grade level & type

Addition Facts --
QUIA -matching

Addition Facts Matching - Doubles-QUIA
Addition using numbers 0-10-Quia-Millionaire

Addition, sums 10 to 18 -QUIA-matching
Fact Families -Matching
Counting Change -Quia-matching

Matching Math
Quia -matching


Number Sense-Lesson
Related Facts --
QUIA -matching
Rounding to the Nearest 10
Shapes – PK-KG
Lesson Plan

PowerPoint Presentation

Teaching Time

Telling Time ~ hour

A Matter of Time
Telling Time Lesson Plan - Gr 2


KG-2nd Butterfly_Stages-Activity-(Honaker)
Practice mouse skills--drag & drop activity

Butterfly Wings & Technology
Best Practices

Best Practices

Monarch Butterfly Pictures

Monarch butterfly web quest
Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly 2

Classification of Animals
Best Practices
Classifying Animals-QUIA-matching
Dinosaur Unit - PK
Lesson Plan
Structure - PK
Lesson Plan
Habitat Vocabulary
Insect Body Parts - Gr 1-2
Lesson plan

Work Sheet
Learning About the Equator - Gr 2
Lesson Plan

Kg Magnets Lesson (WCS-Honaker)
KG-Magnet Worksheet (WCS-Honaker)
KG-Magnet Worksheet Answers

United Streaming Video segment -Kg
Magnetic Materials 
Magnets -Quia-Millionaire Game 2nd Gr. Magnets Lesson
(Discovery School)

United Streaming Video segment -2nd
Magnets: A First Look
Map Vocabulary (2nd Grade)

Matter --Quia - matching

Describing Matter --Quia-matching

Harcourt Matter

Matter Web Quest (JWES)
Natural Resources-Plants
Plants --QUIA-quiz Phases of the Moon
Quia- matching
Science Vocabulary
Quia- matching

Water Cycle-QUIA-matching Weather Calendar -
Gr K-1 Lesson Plan
Gr. 1 Weather Lesson (LessonPlansPage)
Computers, Internet Research

Interactive Activities, all subjects
Foss Web

Social Studies
13 Colonies-Teaching PPT
4-H Virtual Farm
Abe Lincoln Abe Lincoln Activities Abraham Lincoln
Ancient Egypt - Gr 2
Lesson Plan
Ancient Egypt-Fun Interactive Ancient China and Egypt
Acquiring Goods and Services Using Barter and Money
China - Quia-matching 2nd-Gr.-China-jeopardy





Continent and Ocean quiz

Great Continent/Ocean quiz

Continents and Oceans-Quia-quiz
Famous Americans

Famous Americans and Their Contributions -QUIA-quiz
Famous People in History
First Americans 2.2 and 2.4

Geography --QUIA -quiz George Washington George Washington Activities

Getting Lost
National Geographic
Economics Unit Lesson Plan - Gr 1
Helen Keller Simple Helen Keller

Human, Natural, and Capital Resources - Gr 1
Martin L, King, Jr.

2nd-Maps-jeopardy 2nd Grade Mapping Skills 1
Mummy Maker (SMARTBoard) Native Americans -QUIA quiz
Native American Indians (First Americans)
2nd-Gr. Planet-Jeopardy
Pioneers of Long Ago

 Jackie Robinson-Bio Webpage
Regions, Environments, and Communities
Resources and Economic Choice
Susan B Anthony -Bio Webpage Simple Simon Meets a Producer
Econ Ed Link

USA Symbols-coloring Pages & Activities United States Symbols
Washington/Lincoln - Gr 1-2
Lesson Plan

Additional Resources
Sample-Technology Integration Lesson Plan -template-(Honaker)
Thinkfinity-Technology Integration Plan
Cool Tools For Teachers- Internet Based --Internet 4 Classrooms
Microsoft Office 2007 - Quick Reference
Microsoft PUBLISHER 2007 - Quick Reference Microsoft WORD 2007 - Quick Reference
Internet Browser Activity-Honaker Gr. 1 Internet Safety Lesson (RoanokeCityPS)
NetsSmartz Lesson--Internet Activity
Making Lab Rules
Powerpoint Rubric

1-Word Processing Lesson-Honaker
Left Hand Keys & Right Hand Keys--Enter Key
2-Word Processing Lesson-Honaker
Alphabet, Shift Key, Caps Key, Spacebar
3-Word Processing LessonHonaker-
Enter,Spacebar, 10-finger practice
4-Word Processing Lesson-Honaker
Format Toolbar,  Font & Font Size, WORD
5-Word Processing Lesson-Honaker
Tilde, Typing Internet Addresses
6-Word Processing Lesson-Honaker
Wraparound Text, TAB key
7-Word Processing Lesson-Honaker
Cursor Keypad, Backspace, Delete
8-Word Processing Lesson-Honaker
Bold, Italics, Underline

Creating Greeting Cards-Lesson

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