Keyboarding Resources

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 Integrating Keyboarding Techniques
 into the Elementary Classroom
Lesson Plans and Resources
Colored Keyboard Black.&.White.Keyboard.Printout 
Blank Keyboard
Alphabet Keyboard Poem Keyboarding Grade Chart Keyboarding Patterns
Keyboarding Software and Web Sites
1A Touch-Type
Advanced typing skills
Typewriting in 22 lessons-- Demo--Download Test version (purchase-$29.00)
21st Century Typing 1.1
Advanced typing skills
Structured lesson using different levels of typing (purchase-$15.00)
Accu-Type 4
Advanced typing skills
Free download
Advanced Speed Typing 2.5
Advanced typing skills
Internet based with screen shots
All the Right Type 3
Advanced typing skills
Game based-really cool graphics-Solar System-Battleships
Analytic Eye Typing Tutor 1.6.0
Individually paced typing skills
Free Download--Freeware--Download this to personal computer-Practice Exercises
Captain Keyboard Typing Tutor
Full program must be purchased-Free Demo
Computer Circus
Choose the keys you want to practice
Custom Typing
Advanced typing skills
Training modules and typing game-login and membership based
Dance Mat Typing
Great Site for Elementary
From BBC; learn and practice keyboarding--good for beginners, self-paced, sound
Elite Typing 4.2
Advanced typing skills
Flash Typing
 Advanced typing skills
Attempt to vaporize asteroids (letters) before they hit your space ship
Free download
Kids' Typing Skills
All levels of  typing skills
Free program-Practice exercises-Sound and graphics
Keyboarding Lessons and Ideas
Introduction to Keyboarding for Elementary School Students
Articles on When to teach Keyboarding in Elementary
Keyboarding Practice
17 drills to help you improve your keyboarding technique and speed.
Keyboarding Practice
Type a letter on the keyboard and watch it light up on the screen
KP Typing Tutor
Advanced typing skills
Freeware--Shareware--Exercises and Drills
Learn 2 Type
Advanced typing skills
Interactive exercises which help you learn to type--FREE--Web based
Learn to Type
Advanced typing skills
LetterChase 3.5.2
All levels of typing skills
Free 30-day download trial
Master Key
Advanced typing skills
Above 4th grade-reading level-Good Program
MasterMind Typing 2.08
Advanced typing skills
30-day Trial Offer
Nimble Fingers
Elementary level  typing skills
Good Program--Try Word Wacker
PC Talking Typing Tutor
(for Visually Impaired)
Above 4th grade level-Head phones needed for sound
Stack the Cups Typing Game
Advanced typing skills
Use both hands and all ten fingers to stack the cups.
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor
Advanced typing skills
Typing Tests--Speed and Accuracy timed--Sentence Typing
Thomas Typing Tutor
Advanced typing skills
Above 4th grade reading and typing level--advanced--Free--Web Based
Touch Typing
Start with home row and learn touch typing with online lessons
Type Quick
Advanced typing skills
Download Evaluation Version
Type to Learn Jr.
All levels of typing skills
Purchase CD or Buy School Network license--Workbooks available
Typing ABCs
Practice typing the letters of the alphabet

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