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Watauga Elementary School
Principal: Marie Stanley Email
Abingdon Elementary
Teacher Contact Information
High Point Elementary
Teacher Contact Information
Valley Elementary
Teacher Contact Information
Watauga Elementary
Teacher Contact Information
Tina Childress Email
Elena White Email
Sandra Smith -Early Childhood Email
Michelle Cunninghan Email

Holly Morrow Email
Kayla Turner Email
Kim Briscoe Email

First Grade    
Tiffany Evans Email
Jordan Graham Email
Amanda Hogston Email
Megan Nunley Email
Angela Owens Email
Second Grade   
Connie Hayes Email
Shirley Hibbitts Email
Sara Keith Email
Laura McCall Email

Third Grade
Jill Baldwin Email
Tamara Grimm Email

Debbie Houser Email
Robin Herndon Email
Erin Penley Email
Fourth Grade
Kathyrn Ferris Email
Amanda Light Email
Amy Lowe Email
Heather Dillard Email
Fifth Grade
Lori Casteel Email
Mike Little Email
Mary Neal Email
Summer Woodward Email

Lisa Hurley-Sp. Ed. Email
Shannon Jordon-Russell -Sp.Ed Email

Betsy Call-Speech Email
Tam Smith-Reading Rec Email
Shawna Meade-Reading Spec. Email
Specialty Teachers 
Julie McConnell-Kg Intervention Email
Samantha Null-Art Email
Amanda Farnum-Music Email

Krystal Fleenor-ESL Email
TBA-Library Email
Tonya O'Dell-Guidance Email
Natasha Overbay -PE Email
Rob Salyer-PE Email
Tammy Martin-ITRT Email

Teacher Contact Information
Meadowview Elementary
Teacher Contact Information
Institute Elementary
Teacher Contact Information

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Additional Instructional Technology Resources
Digital Storytelling

Keyboarding Resources

Lesson Plan Websites for all Grades/Subjects

PowerPoint and Jeopardy Resources

SmartBoard Resources

Washington County Public Schools

Dr. Janet Lester -- Elementary Schools Supervisor
812 Thompson Drive
Abingdon, Virginia 24210
(276) 739.3000
Pacing Guides & Resources
Kg-5th Pacing Guides

Kg-5th Lesson Plans -- "Unpacked Standards"

Kg-2nd C/T SOLs
3rd-5th C/T SOLs
Kg-5th C/T SOL Checklists
National Technology Standards for Students

Kg-2nd Lesson Plans & Resources
3rd-5th Lesson Plans & Resources

Comprehensive Instructional Program (CIP)

ESL - ELL Resources

Math Vocabulary-Kg-3rd gr. (82 pages)
Math Vocabulary-4th-5th gr.
(44 pages)

Listening Center & Vocabulary Word Lists  (includes Audio Listening Center and printable material-flash cards)
Internet Safety
Internet Safety Information
Kg-1st Internet Safety Activities
2nd-3rd Internet Safety Activities
4th-5th Internet Safety Activities
SOL Resources
Preschool Resources
Kindergarten Resources
1st Grade Resources
2nd Grade Resources
3rd Grade Resources
4th Grade Resources
5th Grade Resources
Educational Games
Kg-5th Computer Games & Activities
Disney Channel
Fun Brain
Futures Channel - video clips for all subjects
Game Aquarium
Harcourt School
National Geographic-Kids
Nick Jr.
PBS Kids
Science Spot -Lessons-Resources
Sesame Street
Star Fall
Vocabulary Fun


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