High Point Second Grade Students Read Books. High Point Elementary Second Graders Read!
High Point Elementary School 2nd Graders have been very busy reading this year! This year's reading theme for the school is "The Reading Factory" inspired by the movie "Willie Wonka". To kick off the theme, second grade enjoyed watching the movie to get them into the mood. Each week, the students have a goal to obtain before they can be eligible for a "Golden Ticket" to win a prize on Fridays. To track the students' progress, teachers placed a bulletin board in the hallway with different word amount totals. Whenever a student reaches that word amount, his/her name is moved and a treat is received. We are working toward the ultimate prize of an all day fun day at the end of the year! We know that ALL of second grade will get to enjoy time outside to reward them for their hard work!!
Five female students stand along a classroom wall after being selected to the All-County Chorus. Holston HS is sending five talented students to the All-County Chorus.
Five of Holston High School’s most accomplished members of the Chorus were selected for All-County Chorus. They received the honor at a competitive event at Patrick Henry High school on September 10th. Seniors Megan B. & Jennifer V., junior Ashelyn W., Senior Jesse R., and freshman Lauren W. were selected by the panel of judges to perform with the other top singers in the county. The culminating event for the All-County Chorus will be held at Abingdon High School on January 22, 2014. Holton’s participants demonstrate commitment to their endeavor and work hard to develop their skills. HHS congratulates them and their teacher, Sue Spirup, for representing the school well. Caption: Holston HS is sending five talented students to the All-County Chorus. TDD caption: Five female students stand along a classroom wall after being selected to the All-County Chorus.
Four boys, two sitting and two standing, showing off their tower made of spaghetti and marshmallows. A group of Fifth Graders showing off their tower.
Fifth graders returned to school ready to start the year right by participating in daily team building activities. Each day for the first week of school the fifth graders were divided into different group and given various problems where they had to work together in order to solve. Some of the activities included being in a box (duct tape on the floor) and moving members around the box based on age, height, hair length, without stepping outside the box. Another STEM-like activity was where the students had to construct a tower with spaghetti, marshmallows, string, and tape. The end results were understanding how important it is to communicate, and an appreciation for others ideas. A team spirit atmosphere was also created throughout the fifth grade that teachers believe will last throughout the school year!
A group of teenaged students sit on bleachers during a school event. Students rally at the “Back to School Bash”
On Friday, August 29th, Holston High School welcomed back the students with their annual “Back to School Bash”. Students enjoyed each other’s company as they were treated to ice cream that was provided by Food City. They were led in cheers by the school’s award-winning cheerleading team. The fall athletic teams were introduced. Football captains Seth Thomas and Jared Davenport were interviewed and assessed the Cavaliers chances in the night’s match-up with the Rye Cove Screaming Eagles. Students signed up for clubs during the event. Perhaps the most important action of the gathering was a “Promise to Graduate” banner that was signed by all the freshmen. It will be prominently displayed in the school as a reminder to those who signed.
Boy and Girl doing a right arm swing while other children stand to the side and clap. Mrs. Redman's class practicing the Virginia Reel.
"There are five regions of Virginia. We will name them east to west..." are the words all fourth grade teachers at High Point know well. In music class, their students have been learning songs about Virginia's history. These songs include, but are not limited to, the “Five Regions Rap,” “Jamestown,” and “Cumberland Gap.” They have also learned dances that would have been popular during different stages of Virginia's development as a state. The most popular among the kids, has been the Virginia Reel. They will be performing all they have learned on Thursday, September 18 at 7:00 PM for parents and community members.

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