High Point Preschool Student Stands with a Police Officer. High Point Elementary School Preschool Student Talks with Community Helpers.
This week, preschool students at High Point Elementary studied community helpers. The children learned that a community is a place where people live, work, and play. The students also learned about different people who work in our community. Some of the helpers the students learned about were police officers, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, dentists, construction workers, and mechanics. One of the big ideas students learned was that police officers and fire fighters help keep us safe. In class, the students discussed why we need police officers and fire fighters as well as the other helpers they had learned about. To wrap up the week of community helpers, preschool students got to meet members of the Abingdon Police Department. The officers talked to the students about staying safe and explained ways that the children could keep themselves from harm. The officer’s also showed the children the equipment they use on the job. The students were then allowed to tour the officer’s police car. Each child was given the opportunity to sit in the front of the car as well as the back. This was a great experience and the preschool students enjoyed getting to know real police officers.
Two students tear phone books with help from two adults. Students Ivy H. and Mason L. tear phone books in half with their bare hands, with some help from Team Intense members Josh and Ken!
On Wednesday, September 17, Damascus Middle School students, faculty, and staff were challenged to meet obstacles with strength and courage by Team Intense! With music blasting and muscles bulging, Team Intense members Josh Whisneant and Kenneth Etta shared their physical and mental strength while talking about the importance of making good choices in life. After bending an iron bar, Etta encouraged students to “be a buddy, not a bully.” When he requested the strongest boy and girl in the audience, students selected eighth-grader Mason L. and seventh-grader Ivy H. to each attempt to tear a phone book in half. When they were unable to accomplish this, Etta pointed out that even the strongest can’t do much without help. With his help, both Mason and Ivy accomplished this feat almost effortlessly! After dousing his audience with soda from cans that he ripped apart with his bare hands, Whisneant surprised them when he stated that they were not born winners. However, he empowered them when he went on to say that they were each born choosers, with the strength to choose what they wanted to do in life. The hope of Team Intense is that their audience was not only impressed by the amazing feats of strength we witnessed but that we were also inspired to make good choices in our own lives!
A man and two students wear protective gear. Mr. McMurray shows students the protective gear he must wear while on duty.
Mr. Trevor McMurray is a CIA Agent who specializes in cases dealing with tax fraud or tax evasion. Mr. McMurray took time out of his busy schedule to speak to the kids at JSB on Wednesday, September 18th. He spoke to students within the business department classes and enlightened them on what his job consisted of, along with giving them insight on how to be secure and watch out for scams. He also discussed certain penalties associated with these crimes as well as how the individuals who committed the crimes could be caught. As you can see from the pictures, he also demonstrated how to put on the protective gear he is required to wear.
A man holds out a branch to a girl. Sandy W. samples a chestnut.
On September 19, students in Glade Spring Middle School’s GATE program traveled to the American Chestnut Foundation Research Farm in Meadowview, Virginia. During the visit, students were led by guide, David Bevins, a former Glade Spring Middle School student. He told them about the genetics and backcross ​breeding among different species of trees. Bevins, farm coordinator, taught the students about pollination​ and the laboratory experiments he does on the blight that affects chestnut trees​. The students were able to see trees from different generations, collected chestnuts, and even tasted some, too! The trip was a great way to learn about trees but also protecting our environmental resources. Glade Spring Middle School GATE is sponsored by Mrs. Colleen Buchanan and Mrs. Sherry Cannon.
Seated at desks two students are dropping water into red cups. Two students test their hypothesis in Mrs. Shortt's classroom
Recently fourth grade science students at Valley Institute conducted an experiment to find out how many drops of soapy water and fresh water the top of a penny would hold. Students in Mrs. Shortt's class worked with partners and were able to make observations, ask questions, and formed a hypothesis. Next they tested their hypothesis, and analyzed data while discussing their data with partners. Finally they were able to draw their own conclusions about this experiment. The students took every step of the scientific method and carefully explored the process just like a real scientist! Learning abounds all over Valley Institute!!

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