Profile Of Staff

Washington County Public Schools employ approximately:

                                 600+              Professional Teaching Staff

                                 300+              Support Staff

                                 300+              Substitute Teachers

                                  50+               Temporary Workers

                                 150+              Other full time exempt employees

The teachers, administrators, and support staff of Washington County Public Schools are competent, well-trained and dedicated to educational excellence.  Nearly half of the professional staff holds advanced degrees.  The system provides a quality educational experience for all students.

Many teachers in Washington County go the extra mile to ensure a first rate education for Washington County students.  Teachers participate in educational conferences, classes, instructional seminars, and numerous in-service programs.  The staff gives extra time before and after school working with programs in music, drama, literary arts, math, science, interscholastic sports, and numerous other student activities.

Because the school system generally maintains pupil-teacher ratios below those set forth by the Virginia Department of Education, Washington County teachers can give students the personal attention necessary for an outstanding educational experience.

Principals encourage regular parent-teacher conferences to discuss individual student’s progress and performance in an attempt to ensure that school and home are working as a team toward excellent education for each child.  These conferences give parents the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the teacher and the principal.