Quitting Policy

Once a team is selected, quitting becomes a serious matter. We strongly encourage any athlete who feels it necessary to quit a team to discuss his/her feelings with the head coach prior to quitting. In the event that the athlete decides to quit, he/she must turn in all issued equipment and all uniforms to the head coach.

If a student is participating on two teams in the same season and quits one team during the first ten practice days, it does not affect his/her status on the other team. If a student quits after the first ten practice days, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any sport for the remainder of that season. If an athlete quits the sport before the sport(s) season ends, he/she shall not letter in that sport. The athlete will letter if after completing the season he/she is in good standing with the school. This policy may be appealed to the principal or/and athletic director based upon extenuating circumstances.