School Attendance and Athletic Participation

If an athlete is unable to attend school during the day he/she should not participate in practice or a scheduled contest for that day unless one of the following exceptions applies:

A death in the family, appearance in court, or such legitimate circumstances as the principal or designee may approve. Also, athletes are expected to complete classroom assignments for the following day after an activity and to be in attendance in school unless there is an emergency which will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Their eligibility to participate or practice must follow the School Board Office Policy IGDJA. A student must be in school for one-half (1/2) day or more on the day of the game or practice in order to participate, and a student must attend at least one-half (1/2) of the school day on Friday to participate in a competition or a practice on Saturday. Participation after a partial day of absence will be at the discretion of the principal or the designee.

If schools are closed due to weather conditions, teacher workdays, or holidays, a coach may have practice or games with the approval of the principal. No athlete will be punished for non-attendance if he/she or the parent/guardian feels that weather conditions are unsafe