Imagine a classroom where all students have access to high-quality, engaging mathematics instruction. Achieving this requires a solid mathematics curriculum, competent and knowledgeable teachers, classrooms with access to technology, and a commitment to excellence. Washington County students deserve and need the best mathematics education possible.

Teaching mathematics well is a complex endeavor. Students learn mathematics through the experiences that the teachers provide. Their understanding of mathematics, their ability to solve problems, and their confidence in mathematics are all shaped by the teaching they encounter through the years. Mathematics through the years has shifted more towards using mathematical logic to verify student responses, mathematical reasoning, connecting mathematical ideas and applications, and teaching mathematics in conjunction with the other disciplines.

It is our goal in Washington County to continue to improve the mathematics curriculum and effective teaching. Teaching mathematics involves creating, enriching, maintaining, and adapting instruction to move towards mathematical goals, capture and sustain interest, and engage students in building mathematical understanding. We have many programs in place and in development to help achieve these goals.

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