Transportation Policy

  • General Transportation Policy
    The Washington County School system shall provide transportation for all players, personnel, and coaches of athletic teams in authorized school vehicles when the contest has been scheduled away from the school site.

  • Approved Modes of Transportation

    • School Bus – driven by school system employees licensed to operate a school bus.

    • Licensed Private Carriers – specially chartered trips.

    • Other County Owned and Approved Vehicles – i.e., county cars, activity buses.

    • Privately Owned Vehicles – an emergency situation where an athlete’s safety is in question, he/she may be driven in a privately owned vehicle by a coach, school administrator, or parent.

    Only under circumstances of exceptional situations where it creates an inconvenience to the family, may athletes be excused from riding from an athletic event on school authorized transportation. Individual athletes may be released to his/her parent/guardian. Our philosophy continues to be that an athlete is a part of a team in all phases of team activity. In no case will an athlete be allowed to ride home with a student.