Workers’ Compensation

Employees shall report all work related injuries, regardless of how minor, to their Supervisor and the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator located at the work site prior to leaving the work site at the end of the work day.

The Workers’ Compensation Coordinator will complete an Accident Report form and arrange medical and/or first aid treatment, if necessary. Failure to report an injury before leaving the work site may jeopardize workers’ compensation benefits.

If an injury requires professional medical attention, the injured employee will select a physician from the panel of physicians approved by the school division. If the injured employee refuses to select a physician from this approved panel, he/she will assume all responsibility for any medical treatment, hospitalization, and lost wages due to the injury.

The injured employee shall hand carry a medical treatment form to the treating physician and return the completed form to the site Workers’ Compensation Coordinator within twenty-four hours.

For reimbursement of prescription drug charges related to worker’s compensation injuries, please send receipt to: Washington County School Board, 812 Thompson Drive, Abingdon, Virginia 24210.