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On October 10th, WCPS hosted Jenna Riemersma who shared simple strategies to help parents respond to their child’s anxiety: Notice the anxiety, Notify or what is the anxiety telling you, and Need-what does your child need? 

 Many parents feel alone in their concerns about their child's happiness and well-being, with over 50% worrying about their child's struggles but not knowing how to talk to them. To understand how to help a child with anxiety, it's important to observe and identify their triggers, how their anxiety manifests, and their coping mechanisms, and to view their behavior as a signal that they need connection, predictability, safety, and compassion. Take time this week to talk to your child about their anxiety and ask them how they feel. Make sure to create a calm and safe space for your child to express their emotions and feelings without judgment.

You can access a recording of the session to review it or share with friends and family:

Don’t miss our next session “Bullying- Stop the Cycle" on November 13th at 7:00 pm, where Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson will share the importance of addressing bullying concerns both at home and in the schools. She will outline what bullying is and how parents can watch for signs and the importance of intervening if your child is being bullied.

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